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Latest News

Cotswolds AONB Hare Trail 2018

Cotswolds AONB Hare Trail 2018

Dursley Town Council are pleased to announce that we have been approached by the Cotswold AONB for Dursley to host some of the hares for the 2018 Hare Trail.

As in previous years, scores of spring hare sculptures and leverets will be dotted throughout the Cotswolds in a unique art installation for all to enjoy for almost four and a half months (May 22nd – September 9th 2018)

At the end of the trail, the sculptures will be gathered in for a public Farewell to the Hares event, before being auctioned off to raise money for the Caring for the Cotswolds visitor giving scheme and Glorious Cotswold Grasslands. More »

Local businesses, attractions, schools, colleges and community groups are invited to sponsor the hares and the Town Clerk would like to hear from any local businesses/groups who are interested.

More information on the hare trial and sponsoring is available on the Cotswold AONB website.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities with the Town Clerk please contact the office on 01453 547758 or email clerk@dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk » Less

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 15:13 by John Kay

Update on ongoing Antisocial Behaviour in Dursley

Update on ongoing Antisocial Behaviour in Dursley

At the most recent meeting of Dursley Business Inclusive (DBI), the group invited PC Peter Lay to provide an update on the recent antisocial behaviour in the town. PC Lay has been leading the neighbourhood policing response to these recent incidents.

PC Lay provided information on the ongoing investigations and the status of several incidents reported by members of DBI. PC Lay has been very impressed by the community response to these incidents which have included; the issuing of banning letters, information sharing between shops/business owners and the regular reporting to the police of incidents. This information supplied by the community will prove to be vital in any future court appearances by those responsible. More »

Cllr Suzi Abraham, Chair of the DBI group acknowledging the efforts of the police said "although the last few months have been frustrating, it has been noticed that recently the level of incidents in the town centre has reduced. I would like to formally thank the police for their continued work with the individuals and their families, a lot of it behind the scenes and not visible to the public. I do hope that social services and other agencies do all they can to support these vulnerable young people and tackle the issues which have resulted in this behaviour from occurring."

It was noted that many of the incidents have been linked to underage drinking, with several reported thefts of alcohol from local supermarkets and shops leading to incidents of antisocial behaviour. Dursley is subject to a street drinking ban which results in anyone drinking publicly in town to be committing an offence.

Cllr Matt Nicholson said "the police are aware that people in the town centre are being asked by this group of young people to purchase alcohol on their behalf, obviously to do so would result in committing a crime and I would encourage anybody who is approached to report the details to the police, with a description of the individual(s).

The use of cannabis has been linked to the antisocial behaviour with individuals more likely to act out of character when under its influence. It is important that this too is reported to the police should it be witnessed by the public. Unfortunately, the open use of cannabis by this small group of young people is quite common. » Less

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 13:53 by John Kay

Listers Plaque Unveiling Event

Listers Plaque Unveiling Event

The unveiling of a plaque to commemorate R A Lister took place on Saturday 7th April at The Priory in Long Street. The plaque is situated on the former office building of the world renowned engineering firm, founded by Sir Robert Ashton Lister in Dursley during 1867.

Approximately 100 people witnessed Mayor Neil Grecian unveil the plaque, the crowd included many ex-employees of the company and members of the Lister family. The Mayor said "The closure (R A Lister) in 2014 was sad for the whole town and as a council we wanted to do something to ensure that there is something permanent in the town for it to be remembered by." More »

The Mayor Would like to thank Cllr Jan Burdge and the other members of the Dursley & Cam Society for their efforts in arranging the plaque which was supported by Dursley Town Council.

Cllr Jan Burdge is photographed with the new plaque. » Less

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 13:54 by John Kay