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S.15/0476/OUT – Land At Littlecombe (Lister Petter Site), Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4HS

Housing developments of a certain size, usually 11 dwellings or more, often carry obligations for the developer to help mitigate some of the impacts of that development on the local area. These obligations are specified within a legal agreement between the local planning authority and the developer, known as a 'Section106 Agreement'.

The recent Littlecombe planning application (S.15/0467/OUT) has resulted in a sum of £355,000 being available for community infrastructure projects within the local area of Cam and Dursley from a S106 agreement. The minimum amount per application has been set at £25,000.

For the purposes of S106, 'community infrastructure' can be defined as 'the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities needed for the effective operation of the community affected'. The application of physical infrastructure is the preferred route for S106 funds.

The final decision on the allocation of the S106 funding will be made by Stroud District Council. The Town Council will make a recommendation to Stroud District on where they believe the funds should be allocated, with a final decision on the allocation of S106 funds to be made by a SDC Committee.

The Town Council have formed a Community Project Working Group and this working group will be tasked with assessing the project bids and agreeing a final Town Council recommendation to Stroud District Council as part of its remit.

The Council has been advised by Krista Harris (Stroud District Council) and Barbara Pond (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council).

It is expected that the Town Council will make a final recommendation to Stroud District Council in the first quarter of 2017 stating what project(s) they would recommend receive S106 funding.

If you have any questions relating to this application, please contact the Town Clerk.