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Your Town Councillors

Dursley Town Council covers the Parish Boundary of Dursley and is sub-divided into three wards (Kingshill, Central and Highfields). There are 17 members who are re-elected every 4 years.

Fourteen Councillors were elected unopposed from the nominations received for the upcoming elections, therefore there will be no Town Council election held in 2016. Three new councillors have been co-opted in 2016 since the election. The next scheduled election is May 2020.

Your Current Councillors

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Stroud District Council

Cllr Doina Cornell
Tel: 01453 548657
email: cllr.doina.cornell@stroud.gov.uk

Cllr Colin Fryer
Tel: 01453 545130
email: cllr.colin.fryer@stroud.gov.uk

Cllr Alison Hayward
email: cllr.alison.hayward@stroud.gov.uk

Gloucestershire County Council


Cllr Loraine Patrick
Tel: 01453 546995
Email: Loraine.patrick@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Member of Parliament


David Drew MP
House of Commons

Tel: 01453 751572

Email: david.drew.mp@parliament.uk