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The Future Dursley Steering Group has worked hard to actively include residents and stakeholders from all parts of the parish and has consulted with local groups, businesses and organisations. It is envisaged that the Neighbourhood Plan will address issues which have emerged through consultations as important to local people such as: housing need, employment opportunities, infrastructure requirements (facilities and services) and highways to meet the future needs of the community. Design and character of development and its relationship with landscape character and setting have also been found to be important to local residents.

Consultation events and reports:

Seven events were held between May-September 2014 (listed below). These facilitated discussions were framed around key topic areas in the Plan. The outcomes are detailed in the Consultation Record Sept 2014.

  • Farmers Market - May 2014
  • Dursley Town Traders Meeting - July 2014
  • Dursley Festival- July 2014
  • Family café at Dursley Tabernacle – July 2014
  • Dursley Day Centre (over 50s) – August 2014
  • Zumba Class – Sept 2014
  • Transition Cam and Dursley Secret Garden Event – September 2014

In August 2014 a Business Survey was undertaken in partnership with Cam Neighbourhood Development Steering Group. The survey results and headlines document will be available soon.

In November 2014 a meeting was held with representatives of surrounding Parish/Town Councils to discuss the draft vision and objectives and cross boundary issues raised through developing the Plan. The meeting notes are attached below.

In February 2015 the Steering Group started to look at potential development sites in Dursley. The work has been on-going since. Feedback was initially gathered during Future Dursley consultation events and the group also looked at the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2011. The work involved carrying out Site Assessments on the pieces of land identified, putting a call out for Sites in the local newspaper (June 2015) and writing to land owners.

In March 2015 representatives of the Steering Group visited business owners and managers based at Littlecombe Business Park to discuss current and future business needs for the site. This followed the Business Survey undertaken. The Report from the visit is attached below.

In June 2015 the Steering Group had a stall at the Dursley Town Festival to raise awareness of the Plan, get views on the draft vision and objectives and consult on proposed potential development sites. The responses are attached in the report below.

In July 2015 the Steering Group took consultation boards to the Littlecombe Drop in event held at Dursley Community Centre to seek views of local residents on draft vision and objectives and proposed potential development sites in Dursley. The responses are attached in the report below.

In July 2015 the Steering Group held discussions with Rednock students about Dursley's Neighbourhood Development Plan. The notes from discussions are attached below.

In July 2015 Rednock Students undertook a 'Future Dursley' Town Centre Survey to gather feedback form visitors andfor the Plan residents.

Updates on Future Dursley activities are posted in the quarterly 'Dursley Matters' newsletter published by Dursley Town Council. The Steering Group also produces a Future Dursley update newsletter to give out at public events. Notices and posters encouraging residents to get involved are also placed on public noticeboards in and around the town. See below for past newsletters and notices.