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The Town Council have completed the lease to take over responsibility for Highfields Play Area from Stroud District Council for the next 25 years (until 2041).

We have started the process of looking at the work required to bring the area up to an acceptable standard. We will be concentrating first on those issues we consider to be a priority e.g. work related to safety.

Update 30th January 2017

The Green Spaces Committee have confirmed two areas for improvement early in 2017.

The first major improvement is planned will commence on the 6th February 2017.

The Town Council arranged for playground equipment surveys following the lease being signed and it was clear that a priority area for improvement and safety work was the BMX track. This track had received limited maintenance works since it's was built several years ago, and was showing signs of considerable wear and tear.

The Town Councillors have taken the decision to appoint Clark and Kent Contractors Ltd, who have a worldwide reputation for being a BMX track designers and builders including building tracks at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The improvement works will include re-grading the areas of "dirt" track and surfacing the corners and bends of the track, which will result in a longer wearing track which will reduce the level of future maintenance required by the Town Council. These improvements will significantly improve the quality of the ride for our BMX enthusiasts.

The works will commence on Monday 6th February and be completed on or before the 15th February 2017, with a temporary access created from School Road

The second area for improvement is the replacement of the rather tired and worn football goal posts. These posts will be replaced with combined rugby/football posts early in the new year.

In the future longer term improvements will be identified through consultation with the community and a Community Day in Highfields Play Area will be arranged in the Spring of 2017.

Watch this space ...

Appointed Contractor