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The Town Council have completed the lease to take over responsibility for Highfields Play Area from Stroud District Council for the next 25 years (until 2041).

We have started the process of looking at the work required to bring the area up to an acceptable standard. We will be concentrating first on those issues we consider to be a priority e.g. work related to safety.

Youth Shelter. Should it stay or go?

Since taking responsibility for Highfields Play Area, the Town Council have received reports of antisocial behaviour associated with the Youth Shelter. The most recent incident was reported to the police and resulted in two local youths carrying out repairs as a method of restorative justice.

At the Green Spaces Committee meeting on Tuesday 13th June, the Councillors considered the a request from a member of the public to remove the shelter. The Committee agreed to monitor the situation over the summer period and make a final decision at the next Green Spaces Committee meeting on the 19th September 2017.

The Town Council would request that any instance of anti-social behaviour witnessed by local residents or users of the play area should be reported to the local police on telephone number 101 or if indeed deemed serious enough 999. These reports will be available to the Town Councillors who will use them when making a final decision on the future of the Youth Shelter.

The Town Council would like to receive your comments on whether the youth shelter should be retained, removed or improved. Comments should be emailed to clerk@dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk or can be posted to Jacobs House, Castle Street, Dursley, GL11 4BS.

Highfields Play Area - Youth Shelter

Should the Town Council remove the Youth Shelter?

Volunteers from the Community Day 2017

Community Day: 29th May 2017

Thank you to all our volunteers who supported our Community Day at Highfield's Play Area on the 29th May 2017 despite the Bank Holiday rain.

The volunteers were able to clear overhanging vegetation, collect litter, repair fences, remove weeds strim along the boundary fences and clean benches. Unfortunately we had to cancel the planned painting of the youth shelter and play equipment due to the weather.

The volunteers enjoyed a BBQ supplied by Cam Family Butcher and were kept refreshed with tea/coffee and soft drinks from the Hummingbird Café.

Tesco Bag For Help Funding

We were selected for grant funding by TESCO and the after the community vote in local stores we were awarded a grant of £1,000 towards our Community Day in Highfields Play Area. The Community Day was held on Monday 29th May 2017.

Mayor Neil Grecian; John Kay, Town Clerk, Shani Walker, People Manager at Tesco in Cam and Antony Gruliano, Community Champion of Cam, Tesco at the Bags of Help token collection point at the store in Cam


The Green Spaces Committee have confirmed two areas for improvement early in 2017.

The first major improvement at Highfields has now been completed with the refurbished BMX track being recently completed and reopened for use.

The improvement works included re-grading the areas of "dirt" track and surfacing the corners and bends of the track, which will result in a longer wearing track which will reduce the level of future maintenance required by the Town Council. These improvements will significantly improve the quality of the ride for our BMX enthusiasts.

Our next area for improvement is the replacement of the rather tired and worn football goal posts and surfaces. The existing posts have been removed and the areas have bee re-seeded. We are going to allow the newly repaired areas of the pitch time to recover with new combined football/rugby post being erected in the summer.

The finished BMX track at Highfields Play Area.