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Dogs on the War Memorial Recreation Ground.

Posted: Mon, 06 Feb 2017 15:33 by John Kay

Dogs on the War Memorial Recreation Ground.

It has come to the attention of the Town Councillors that dogs continue to be exercised on the War Memorial Recreation Ground despite the rules clearly stating that no dogs are permitted on the "Rec".

The War Memorial Recreation Ground is regularly used by the town's men and ladies senior football clubs and for the local Girls football coaching sessions and matches. The "Rec" is also available for other sports and annual events e.g. Dursley Carnival, Fireworks etc.

The Town Councillor's regularly review the policy of not allowing Dogs on the "Rec" and this was most recently discussed by the Green Spaces Committee in 2016.

The Town Councillors acknowledge the majority of dog owners are responsible but unfortunately there remains a number of owners who flout the rules and do not pick up after their animals. This has been highlighted by the recent press release by Stroud District Council on dog mess across the district.

Chair of the Green Spaces Committee Cllr Alex Stennett said "It is such a shame that a tiny proportion of dog owners are willing to put people's enjoyment at risk and endanger the health of our children. I hope that Stroud District Council, with the help of locals, can identify and prosecute those responsible"

The Town Council support the recent statements made by Stroud District Council on dog mess and would ask Dursley residents to be their "eyes and ears" by giving more support to the District Council's two full-time wardens to report, identify and fine offenders who continue to break the law.

If you see someone not pick up their dog's mess and are willing to provide a simple witness statement giving details of the date, time and place, then Stroud District Council can issue them a fine. Any other details such as a name or address makes the process even easier for the District Council to fine dog owners who ignore the rules.

Cllr Matt Nicholson who is a resident of Highfields which has been a high-profile location for this antisocial behavior stated "I think that the SDC request is particularly relevant. There are only two wardens covering the entire district, making the possibility of catching someone "in the act" extremely low. The public need to be prepared to report incidents and also be prepared to make a witness statement for the Dog Wardens to act upon them and issue a fixed penalty notice."

To find out more about the rules for the War Memorial Recreation Ground please contact the Town Clerk on 01453 547758 or email clerk@dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk

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