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Annual Assembly

The Annual Assembly is a meeting facilitated by Dursley Town Council for the town and is normally held in April/May. The location is rotated around the many public and community buildings which are fully accessible.

It is chaired by the Town Mayor, who along with Gloucestershire County Councillor and Stroud District Councillors provide a update on the previous year.

The meeting includes a guest note speaker providing a presentation on a subject that is current and important to the town. Community organisations are invited to provide written and/or verbal updates at the meeting.

Members of the community are encouraged to attend the meeting and have the opportunity to bring forward any relevant "town matters".

The meeting concludes with the announcement of the community Leslie D Gale award recipients and refreshments provided by Dursley Town Council.

Annual Assembly 2023

The 2023 Annual Assembly was held on the 25th April 2023 in he Community Meeting Room at the Dursley & District Community Centre. The Mayor, Cllr Symon Ackroyd introduced Mr James Heaney Regalado, the Stagecoach Commercial Manager for the Stagecoach West region which includes Dursley.

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