Serving the people of Dursley

Cllr Darren Horn

Darren represents the Central Ward and is a member of the following council committees and working groups:

Green Spaces Committee - Chair
Planning Committee
Town Trust Committee

Darren represents the town council on the following external committees/organisations:

Watercourse Warden
Trustee to the Twinberrow Foundation

Darren can be contacted:

Address: 5 The Knapp, Dursley. GL11 4BT

Mobile: 077911 20864


Councillor Profile

I have been interested in getting more involved with Dursley Town Council for a few years now. I've always have "ideas" about what could be done, or what could be changed, as I go about my business around Dursley and have felt frustrated when I can't seem to help or make a difference for other people to enjoy Dursley, like my family and I do.My Wife and I ran a very successful Airbnb in Dursley 2 years ago and the amount of different people we met from all over the country (and the World) that came to Dursley, to stay in our apartment, really opened up our eyes to the potential that Dursley has to being a gem on the edge of the Cotswolds. I would love to try and help push that some more.My Wife and I moved from Bristol, to Dursley 11 years ago, we have 2 young children who go to school in Dursley/Cam.I've been a Maintenance manager at a Barchester care home, in Stonehouse, for 3 years. Before that I was a maintenance plumber in HMP prison service, for 8 years.I'm 45 years old.In my spare time I try and play badminton, i go to the gym, I go fly fishing, i play the banjo, and have just started enjoying kayaking, as a new hobby.

Register of Interests

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