Cllr Denver Thirwell

Cllr Denver Thirwell

Town Councillor

Dursley Town Council

Denver, representing the Highfields Ward and is a member of the following council committees/working groups:

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Denver represents the town council on the following external committees/organisations:

Trustee of Twinberrow Foundation

2, Five Acres, Dursley, GL11 4JP

Councillor Profile

I was born & grew up in Gloucester, and attended the Crypt Grammar School.

I have spent the majority of my working life in a Sales role, with 23 years as the Contracts director for an Industrial Insulation Installer, travelling throughout Britain & Northern Ireland.

I moved initially from Gloucester to Wotton under Edge, to live with my 2nd wife Karen, who was born & grew up in Dursley. I have one son & two stepdaughters, all making there own way in the world now.

We moved to Cam 18 years ago and then to Dursley 14 years ago. I am now a co-owner of Intersound Guitars Ltd. in Parsonage Street, where I have worked in the town for the past seven years.

I was instrumental in helping form the DBI (Dursley Business Inclusive) and as part of that was the co-originator of the "Welcome to Dursley" town leaflet in 2018.

As part of the DBI, I have been actively involved in trying to keep our town vibrant & safe. I was & am a vehement opponent of Stroud District Council trying to enforce parking charges on our few car parks in the town, which would in my opinion, kill both the independent businesses of the town and so therefore, take away one of our unique features.

As a Town Councillor my aim is to further help in making our town one of the most pleasant places to live and help it continue to prosper.

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