Serving the people of Dursley

Cllr Matt Nicholson

Cllr Matt Nicholson

Matt represents the Central Ward. Matt is a member of the following council committees and working groups:

Green Spaces
Planning Committee - Chair
Policy & Finance Committee
Staff Committee

Matt represents the town council on the following external committees/organisations:

Trustee to the Twinberrow Foundation

Matt can be contacted at:

11 Third Avenue, Dursley, GL11 4NT

Councillor Profile

I've lived in Dursley since 1994 and spent 13 years as a Town Councillor in Dursley up to 2019 when work and family commitments took priority.

During my time as a councillor I was part of several committees but my main focus was on Planning (where I was committee chair) and Green Spaces.

As I am now not spending all my working life away from home, I now have more time to get back into working on the continuous improvement of the town I call home.

Register of Interests

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