Cllr Matt Nicholson

Cllr Matt Nicholson

Matt represents the Highfields Ward and is a member of the following committees and working group:

Green Spaces Committee
Town Improvements Committee
Planning Committee
Car Park Committee
Communications Working Group
Festive Dursley Working Group
Speedwatch Working Group - Lead Member

Matt represents the town council on the following committees/organisations:

Dursley & Cam Joint Emergency Plan
Highways Representative
Police Liaison
Snow Warden
Trustee of Twinberrow Foundation

Matt can be contacted at:

11 Third Avenue
GL11 4NT
01453 544657

Councillor Profile

"I've been a councillor for nearly 10 years & have lived in Dursley since 1994 and have been on the Planning and Green Spaces committees for pretty much all of my time on the council. In addition in recent years I have set up the Community Speedwatch group in Dursley which has been targeting specific areas known for speeding problems and working to educate offending drivers in partnership with the Neighbourhood Policing team.

I really enjoy being able to give something to the community I live in and working to make it a nicer environment for everyone.

I have worked for a US based IT Outsourcing company for 19 years, have been married to Ann-Marie for 12 years and have a 10 year old daughter who is a pupil at Dursley Primary Academy".

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