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Cotswolds Hares in Dursley

Dursley had been selected for the first time to host Cotswold Hares as part of the 2018 Cotswold AONB Hare Trail. The hares were present in the town from the 22nd May until 9th September 2018.

The Hare Trail is now closed.

Hareloom along the Cotswold Way

The Aims of the Hare Trail

Dursley had been selected for the first to host Cotswold Hares as part of the 2018 Cotswold AONB Hare Trail. The aims of the Trial were to:

  • Promote a higher awareness and focus on public art, design and sculpture and interest in arts projects; their impact on daily life and the local environment and an understanding of the way in which the arts can support environmental conservation.
  • Use art to enhance the experience of visitors to the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and to reflect the theme of Living Landscapes
  • Develop an interest and knowledge of the history and culture of the brown hare and its significance to the Cotswolds AONB alongside an increased awareness of the interdependence between the landscape, natural and built environment
  • Act as a large scale tourist attraction promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the Cotswolds AONB and sustainable tourism
  • Provide increased opportunities for the local community and visitors to explore all corners of the Cotswolds and to learn more about its rich history, natural diversity, agriculture, crafts, culture and businesses.
  • Develop community involvement and build links between the business, cultural and commercial life in the towns and villages in the Cotswolds AONB through working together on a shared project.
  • Provide a "feel good" event for local communities and visitors over a prolonged period of time through a number of free activities with wide appeal and accessibility to all sectors of society.
  • Foster links with schools through a linked educational project using the arts to promote and develop a love for the local environment and its conservation and enjoyment
  • Raise funds for Caring for the Cotswolds and Glorious Cotswold Grasslands : two projects run by the Cotswolds Conservation Board through the Trail's fundraising auction in October.

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