Dursley Town Council

Serving the people of Dursley

Town Hall

Clerk: Mr John Kay
Jacob's House, Castle Street
Dursley, Gloucestershire
GL11 4BS

Your Town Councillors

Dursley Town Council covers the Parish Boundary of Dursley and is sub-divided into three wards (Kingshill, Central and Highfields). There are 17 members who are re-elected every 4 years.

Fourteen Councillors were elected unopposed from the nominations received for the upcoming elections, therefore there were no Town Council election held in May 2016. The remaining vacancies have been filled by co-option since the election.

The next scheduled election for all 17 Councillor positions is May 2020.

Your Current Councillors

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Stroud District Council

Cllr Doina Cornell
Tel: 01453 548657
email: cllr.doina.cornell@stroud.gov.uk

Cllr Colin Fryer
Tel: 01453 545130
email: cllr.colin.fryer@stroud.gov.uk

Cllr Alison Hayward
email: cllr.alison.hayward@stroud.gov.uk

Gloucestershire County Council


Cllr Loraine Patrick
Tel: 01453 546995
Email: Loraine.patrick@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Member of Parliament


David Drew MP
House of Commons

Tel: 01453 751572

Email: david.drew.mp@parliament.uk