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Community Connexions

Community Connexions

Community Connexions helps people at any age who struggle with transport due to physical or mental reasons, or social or rural isolation. We might therefore be very relevant to members of the community who struggle to get where they need to go.

Our door-to-door car service is run by trained volunteers and journeys cost £1 per mile with a minimum spend of £5, which is to help cover the volunteer’s fuel costs. There’s a yearly £10 registration fee to use the service, but this gives users access to an unlimited number of journeys. We currently operate Monday-Friday but hope that in time we’ll be able to expand our services to cover weekends too.

Our bus hire starts from less than £30 an hour with one of our trained and qualified drivers. Bus hire is available at weekends for an additional cost. Our transport office will be able to confirm prices and availability. Please call them on 0345 680 5029 if you have a trip or quotation query in mind. Our buses seat 16 and are wheelchair accessible. The number of seats reduces by 2 per wheelchair passenger. Passengers on a hired bus do not have to be registered with us.

Telephone:0345 680 5029
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