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The Dursley Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018-2031 sets out a number of projects that the Town Council would like to deliver over its lifetime.

This project is to develop a Local heritage Asset List for Dursley. A list can cover all types of non-designated heritage assets including buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes, which have been identified as having a degree of significance.

These assets are not the same as Listed Buildings which are designated at a national level by Historic England

Why create a Local heritage Asset List?

  • To raise awareness of an areas's local heritage assets and their importance to local distinctiveness.
  • To inform developers, owners, council officers and members of the public about buildings within the parish boundary that are desirable to retain and protect.
  • To provide guidance and specialist advice to owners to help protect the character and setting of those buildings, structures, sites and landscapes.
  • To help the council in its decision making when discussing proposals and determining planning applications.
  • To record the nature of the local historic environment.
  • The Local Heritage Listing is a means for a community and a local authority to jointly identify heritage assets that are valued as distinctive elements of the local historic environment.

Tiled Floor - entrance to Bristol House (Belle's Kitchen)

Dursley Town Council is working with Stroud District Council, representatives of the Dursley and Cam Society, The Heritage Centre and local residents, to create a local list of these assets which are not formally recognised but play an important role in defining the character of the Town. These local areas are at risk of being overlooked and losing their significance through alteration or in some cases complete demolition.

We would like to ask the community for their views on which local buildings, structures, site and landscapes are important to the character of Dursley.

How to nominate an asset for inclusion on the list

If you want to nominate a building, garden, park or townscape feature please fill in a nomination form (see below) with as much information as you can and email with a photo to Only buildings, features and structures within the Dursley Parish can be considered. There is no need to nominate buildings that are listed - you can check whether a building is listed on the attached list below and Historic England website.

Edwardian drains in Garden Suburb

Former Bethany Chapel in Upper Poole Road

Selection criteria for asset nomination to the local heritage list.

The completed nomination forms will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Architectural and aesthetic value
  • Group value
  • Evidential value
  • Historic association
  • Archaeological interest
  • Designed landscape
  • Landmark status
  • Social and communal value
  • Degree of completeness

At least one criterion must apply to a local heritage asset.

More detailed information about the Criteria is below.

All owners of assets being considered for inclusion will be consulted as part of the assessment process. An appeals process will be put in place should the asset owner not agree to their asset being included in the Local Heritage List.

A panel made up of local councillors, officers and representatives of local amenity groups with a particular interest in the local historic environment will assess the suitability of the building or site for inclusion on the Local Heritage List, based upon the above criteria.

The Panel's recommendations will be submitted to Stroud District Council for consideration and approval for adoption of the List by the local authority. Owners will be informed of the Council's decision.

Once approved, buildings, structures sites and landscapes will be recorded on Stroud District Council's in house planning system and Dursley Town Council's website to inform future development enquiries and proposals.

As part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Review, we shall formulate a planning policy which allows for assets on the local heritage list to be taken into account in any development proposals.

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