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Dursley Pancake Race 2018: The Results

Dursley Pancake Race 2018: The Results

The 2018 Pancake Race was held earlier today with entrants representing local organisations and businesses taking part.

The final result were:

1st: Steph Hill (Henlow Court)
2nd = Andy Markham (Old Spot), Rebekah Storey-Young (Henlow Court) & Roger Cowley (Dursley Lions)

The children's race was won by Jay Randall-Smith who proved Superman could run faster than a Lion.

A trophy donated by Dursley Business Inclusive, in memory of local volunteer Eileen Nichols, was awarded to Jay Randall-Smith for the Best Fancy Dress Costume who dressed as Superman.

The Town Council would like to thank all the runners who braved the cold wet weather for participating and the following organisations and businesses who supported the event: Daisy Belle Floral Design, Dursley Lions, Mel King (Festive Dursley) and to Classy Glass who very kindly donated trophies and medals for the race.

The proceeds of this year's race will be presented to Festival Dursley, for new Christmas lights in the town centre.

This years winner Steph Hill, pictured with Mayor Neil Grecian.

Posted: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 12:43 by John Kay

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