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Kingshill Cemetery – A Plea to Visitors

Kingshill Cemetery – A Plea to Visitors

The Town Council would like to make a plea to all visitors of the Kingshill Cemetery not to move or reset any "laid down" grave memorials.

These memorials have been laid down flat on the ground due to the fact they have become loose or deemed hazardous to the public visiting the Cemetery during routine inspections by Council staff.

It is highly dangerous to the individual and visitors to the Cemetery should memorials be erected by non-professionals.The Council carry our regular inspection of memorials and our staff are trained in manual handling to safely lay down these memorials. This is done to avoid the risk of a loose memorial falling on a child or and adult as has been the case in other Cemetery's where fatalities have unfortunately occurred.

Only qualified memorial masons are permitted to carry out this type of work in the Cemetery. Where possible we contact the owners of the graves to arrange such repairs.

Cllr Alex Stennett, Chair of the Green Spaces Committee said "While I understand that the individuals responsible have more than likely carried this out in good faith, it is important that these grave stones are left alone. We are of course willing to talk to relatives if more permanent repairs are wanted."

If anyone has information on those responsible please contact the Town Clerk so that we can the highlight the issues in relation to the memorials.

Posted: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 14:11 by John Kay

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