Stroud District Car Park (Charging) Review

Stroud District Car Park (Charging) Review

At the monthly meeting of Council, on 3rd July the Town Council considered the review of car parks in Stroud District, this includes the proposal to introduce charging at the public car-parks in Dursley.

The consultation is currently open and the Town Councillors would like to encourage all residents, business owners and visitors to contribute by submitting your comments to the consultation. This must be done in writing to Stroud District Council or via their website and be received by 29th July 2018.

Please note comments made on social media will not be considered by SDC.

The Town Council will be submitting our comments directly to SDC which were confirmed on Tuesday evening:

IT WAS RESOLVED that the Town Council would reply to the consultation that while it accepts local government funding is challenging, the introduction of parking charges has the potential to harm the local economy and there would be detrimental displacement to both Sainsbury's car-park and to local residential streets near the town centre.

The Town Council would insist that the consultation and officer's recommendation be considered by the Strategy & Resource Committee, but any final decision be made at a meeting of full Stroud District Council. This will allow cross party scrutiny of the final recommendation and a more transparent decision-making process.

Dursley Town Council would request that alternatives to charging be considered as part of this consultation, the Council would prefer to see an ANPR system introduced within public carparks in Dursley, which could effectively enforce current restrictions but retain free car parking in the town.

The Town Council would request that in the situation that car park charging is introduced in Dursley that the "free after three" initiative be extended to all car parks in the town and the first half hour of parking remain outside of any charges so as not to discourage those collecting ordered goods or making very short visits to local businesses.

Posted: Thu, 05 Jul 2018 11:24 by John Kay

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