Zip Wire Damaged

Zip Wire Damaged

The Town Council is asking for all residents and visitors to respect our green spaces in the town.

Unfortunately, we have had to remove the seat on the children's Zip Wire at Highfields Play Area until a replacement can be installed.

The seat and attachments appear to have been chewed by a dog.

Our staff regularly inspect Council owned play spaces and unfortunately routinely see acts of vandalism ranging from graffiti to damage costing thousands of pounds to repair. We recently had to remove the bucket swing at Highfields for safety reasons due to damage, which again, was a suspected act of vandalism.

The Zip Wire seat and fixtures will cost the Council over £300 to replace.

The Chair of Green Spaces, Cllr Alex Stennett said "it is always disappointing when we have to divert funds from worthy projects to repair facilities because of these thoughtless actions. I would ask our sensible users to report any such willful damage to the Town Clerk or the Police".

Since taking on responsibility for the play area from Stroud District Council in 2016, the Town Council has embarked on a programme of improvement work including the resurfacing of the BMX track, new picnic tables, youth shelter modifications, new goal posts and signage. The Zip Wire was only installed at the end of 2017 and there are plans to make more improvements to the site in 2019/20.

The Town Clerk said "every occasion where we have to repair or remove damaged or vandalised equipment costs the council additional money and impacts the work schedule for the Grounds Staff. I would ask all users of the Green Spaces to respect the equipment, use the litter bins provided and report all damage and incidents".

More information on our planned improvement works can be obtained by contacting the Town Clerk by email: or by telephone 01453 547758.

Posted: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 15:30 by Leah Wellings

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