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Dursley Town Council is Appealing for Witnesses

Dursley Town Council is Appealing for Witnesses

Unfortunately, the children's Zip Wire at Highfields Play Area has had to be taken out of use again, for the second time in the last month.

The new seat, which cost the Council over £300 to replace, was installed for less than a week before being chewed by a dog. It has had to be removed until further notice.

The first seat was removed because of similar damage. From local reports, it appears that the seat is routinely being used as a 'chew toy' by a large dog.

This is really disappointing given the new seat was installed to get the equipment back in use ready for the school half-term holiday.

The Chair of Green Spaces, Cllr Alex Stennett said "The thought that there is an out of control dog in any play space scares me. Children of all ages use that area so how long will it be before someone gets seriously injured?"

Highfields Play Area is popular with dog walkers and the majority are very responsible owners who respect the space, picking up after their dogs and keeping them under control.

We are appealing for help from the local community and for witnesses to report anything they may have seen in relation to the damage which, this time, we believe occurred between 15th-17th February 2019. People can contact the Council confidentially.

If you witness people or dogs causing damage to play equipment in Highfields Play area or any of our other play areas, please contact the Police or Dursley Town Council Office on: Tel: 01453 547758 Email:

Posted: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 13:00 by Leah Wellings

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