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Dursley Residents Suggestion

Dursley Residents Suggestion

Dursley Town Council are asking local residents for one suggestion on "How they would improve the town?"

The Residents Suggestion will be launched at the 2019 Dursley Annual Assembly on the 21st May 2019. All attendees to the Annual Assembly will be provided with a suggestion slip and invited to submit their idea into our suggestion box.

Suggestions can be anonymous, but residents can supply their contact information if they want to.

The suggestion box will be available until the Friday 14th June and will be located in our reception at Jacobs House (Town Council office).

Residents can also submit their suggestion electronically via our website.

The Policy & Finance committee will consider the suggestions at our meeting on 18th June 2019.

Posted: Thu, 30 May 2019 13:35 by John Kay

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