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The Dursley Annual Assembly 2019

The Dursley Annual Assembly 2019

Dursley Town Council would like to thank all of the local residents who attended last nights Annual Assembly with over 60 people in attendance. This was a greater attendance than recent years and apologies for those who had to stand during the meeting.

The Mayor opened the meeting, welcoming those who were in attendance and providing a report on the previous year activities and achievements by the Town Council. This is documented on our Annual Report 2018/19.

Written reports were received from our County and District Councillor and many of the community groups and local organisations. These are now available to view on the Town Council website.

The guest speaker, Mr Robin Smith representing St Modwen Homes gave an interesting presentation on the Littlecombe housing development and an update on the opening of footpath and vehicular access through the site.

The meeting finished with the annual presentation of the 2019 Leslie D Gale awards in recognition of service to the community in Dursley. The recipients of the 2019 LDG Awards Volunteer of the Year were Mr Mike Doughty and Mr David Durden. Community "Unsung Hero" certificates were awarded to Pauline Darby, Doris Holbrook, Gwyneth Peglar and Christine Baker.

Posted: Wed, 22 May 2019 10:19 by John Kay

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