Re-opening of Tennis Courts on the "Rec"

Re-opening of Tennis Courts on the "Rec"

Following the Government's announcement on 10th May 2020, the tennis courts on the War Memorial Recreation Ground have reopened for public use today (Wed 13th May).

Due to the closure of The Pulse Leisure Centre the courts will remain unlocked and no key/deposit is required. This will be reviewed if there are any instances of anti-social behaviour on the courts.

Players must adhere to the government advice on playing tennis at this time; outdoor courts in England will be open for singles, but only for doubles if all four players are members of the same household. Social distancing (2m) must be adhered too at all times.

Advice on how to stay safe

Bring your own equipment - the minimum necessary - and only touch your own tennis balls.

Initial those balls, so you know which ones to serve with, and return ones which aren't yours with either your racquet or foot.

Avoid changing ends every couple of games, and bring a full water bottle and some hand sanitiser to the court with you.

Do not try to adjust the net.

Posted: Wed, 13 May 2020 09:20 by John Kay

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