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Playgrounds and Gym Equipment Re-open on 4th July

Playgrounds and Gym Equipment Re-open on 4th July

Dursley Town Council will re-open the playgrounds and gym equipment at the War Memorial Recreation Ground, Highfields and Kingshill from 4th July in line with the governments recent announcement.

It is impossible to fully negate all risks of contracting the Covid-19 virus (or other infection) at a place like a playground, which can be frequented by large numbers of people, who may have differing views about social distancing and hygiene. It is also unclear how long the coronavirus can live on plastic, timber and metal playground structures.

Therefore Dursley Town Council would advise all visitors to:

Maintain 2m social distancing with other users.
Keep your face and hands as clean as possible. Bring your own hand sanitising.
Avoid crowded spaces, if the equipment is busy consider coming back later.
If any family member is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms the whole family must self-isolate at home and should not visit any communal facilities

Posted: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 11:53 by John Kay

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