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Refurbished bus shelter on Uley Road looks as good as new!

Refurbished bus shelter on Uley Road looks as good as new!

Dursley Town Council has been working in partnership with the Integrated Transport Unit at Gloucestershire County Council to fund the refurbishment of a bus shelter on the Uley Road in town. Additionally, a seat has been installed and the hard standing in front of the bus shelter has been resurfaced. Prior to the revamp the shelter looked neglected and the transparent panels had become opaque with a filmy residue, no amount of cleaning could remove. These improvements will provide a better environment for members of the public waiting for the bus.

Cllr Wendy Thomas, Chair of the Town Improvements Committee said 'Improving the condition of bus shelters is a small but important step to make waiting for a bus more pleasant for passengers; it also improves the overall appearance for those who live nearby. We are pleased with the finished work which has been achieved at a fraction of the price that the installation of a new bus shelter would cost'. We welcome feedback from residents as to which other bus shelters in Dursley should be next for refurbishment.

Posted: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 11:38 by Anita Gambie

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