Serving the people of Dursley

Bristol, Thornbury, Berkeley, Wotton & Gloucester buses
You can get buses to the above towns several times a day, Mondays - Saturdays. On Sundays, service is provided between Dursley and Gloucester. See the Stagecoach 60 and 65/65X bus timetables.

Stroud, Uley & Nympsfield buses
Bus 65 (Stagecoach) and 65a (Cotswold Green) goes to Stroud via Uley and Nympsfield, Monday - Friday & Saturday.

Cirencester (College)
Stagecoach operate a weekday service to Cirencester College; Bus C60 but this only runs at certain periods: See timetable for the exact details.

Bus timetables are available from Stagecoach, Cotswold Green or Travel Line.

Alternatively, you can access bus timetables for the local buses using the links provided by the Cam & Dursley Transportation Group page below:

Community Shopper service
Community Connexions runs a door-to-door service to bring people from Cam & Dursley to Sainsburys/Dursley Town Centre on Wednesdays. For more information on routes or to book the Shopper, go to:

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