Dursley Town Council

Serving the people of Dursley

Town Hall

Clerk: Mr John Kay
Jacob's House, Castle Street
Dursley, Gloucestershire
GL11 4BS

Local Government Elections are being held across the Country on Thursday 6th May 2021, including all 17 Town Councillor positions in Dursley.

If you are interested in becoming a Town Councillor, please contact the Town Clerk or one of the existing Councillors to find out more.

Nomination packs can be requested via the Stroud District Council website or direct from the Town Clerk.

Nomination papers must be delivered by hand to Stroud District Council between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday from Tuesday 23 March to 4pm Thursday 8 April by appointment for District and Parish nomination papers.

The deadline for nominations to be received by Stroud District Council is 4pm on Thursday 8th April 2021.